This guide is the continuation of the initial work of Peter Cunningham who did so much to raise the awareness of the birds on our islands and to document their status and distribution in his original book entitled Birds of the Outer Hebrides: A Guide to Their Status and Distribution.

This has been continued by successive bird recorders, in particular Brian Rabbitts, who have produced the many and excellent Outer Hebrides bird reports starting in the late 1980’s. It is only through their endeavours in correlating and documenting the numerous records throughout those years that this guide has been made possible.

But it is all those individuals and organisations, having made their observations available through surveys, long or short term studies, or by just “birding”, who are deserving of the highest accolade.

My thanks go to all those who have contributed photographs and other material, unfortunately too many to mention here individually.

A special mention goes to Andrew Stevenson for providing so much additional material both published and unpublished, James Siddle and Bruce Taylor for their continual encouragement and James again for his guidance and imagination on how to take this forward.

As always, our thanks go to the Scottish Ornithological Club for their continued support in all that we do.

This book can only be as good as the records provided.